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What Is a Build Over CCTV Survey And Why Do You Need One?

Ensuring the integrity and functionality of your underground pipes and drains is crucial. One critical aspect often overlooked is the importance of a build over CCTV survey. This survey is essential when new structures are planned to be built over existing drainage systems, offering numerous benefits that safeguard both the construction project and the drainage infrastructure.

A build over CCTV from Driantech Services survey involves inserting a specialised camera into the drainage system to capture real-time video footage of the interior conditions. This comprehensive inspection helps identify potential issues such as blockages, cracks, leaks, or other structural defects. By choosing to conduct a build over CCTV survey, construction managers and property owners can preemptively address these issues, preventing costly and disruptive problems down the line.

One of the primary advantages of a build over CCTV survey is the prevention of structural damage. When new buildings are constructed over existing drains, the added weight and construction activities can compromise the integrity of these underground systems..


A thorough survey ensures that any weak points are identified and reinforced or repaired before construction begins, reducing the risk of subsidence or collapse that could lead to significant repair costs and project delays

Additionally, a build over CCTV survey provides vital documentation that can be used for compliance purposes. Many local authorities and water companies require proof that the drainage system has been inspected and is in good condition before granting permission for construction. This survey helps meet regulatory requirements, ensuring that the project proceeds without legal or bureaucratic hindrances.

Moreover, a build over CCTV survey can contribute to better planning and design. By understanding the exact layout and condition of the existing drainage system, architects and engineers can design foundations and other structural elements to avoid or minimize impact on these systems. This proactive approach can enhance the overall efficiency and sustainability of the project.

In conclusion, opting for a build over CCTV survey is a prudent decision for any construction project involving existing drainage systems. It not only protects the integrity of the drainage infrastructure but also ensures regulatory compliance, prevents costly damages, and supports better planning and execution of the project.

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