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  • We meet and exceed Equal Opportunities Employer act as well Human Rights Act 2010. 
  • We have Health & Safety/Quality and Environmental Polices to ensure our staff are protected at all times. We have regular H&S committee meeting’s to ensure all our staff are kept up to date with current legislation 
  • We implement and maintain a robust training matrix to ensure all our staff have the correct training and certificates to deliver their job role 
  • We adopt  continuous professional development with all our staff. We hold regular professional development reviews. Where we discuss our employees needs and how best to improve our business
  • We have monthly communication meetings to discuss all operational issues across both departments 
  • We always pay our staff on time and above national minimum/Living wage. We offer benefit packages to our staff such as company car  
  • We adopt a flexible working policy where by our staff can work from home when required 
  • We have an active HR department our staff can utilise in confidence 24/7 
  • We hold regular teambuilding activities to facilitate harmonious working environments  
  • We hold regular KPI meetings with all our customers to ensure we are delivering above and beyond our contractual requirements. This is to ensure we are continuously improving our customer satisfaction and to ensure we retain customers and our working relationships 
  • We adopt regular internal audits from both quality and health and safety points of view to ensure our customers always receive the best quality device delivered in a safe practical cost effective manner 
  • To hold regular face to face or video meetings with our clients, with a structured approach to discuss any issues operationally and commercially to ensure our customers are satisfied with our delivery
  • Here at Draintech services we are committed  to reducing our environmental impact from our suppliers through to our own delivery 
  • We re-use an recycle our all our waste products 
  • Where possible we endeavour to use sustainable materials 
  • We encourage greener travel as follows: 
  • All our vehicle are Euro 6 compliant 
  • We are working towards switching to electric vehicles in line with government policy 
  • We encourage car sharing or utilisation of public transport where ever possible  


  • Solihull Moors Football Club 
  • Knowle & Dorridge Cricket Club 
  • Knowle Football Club 

Regular fundraisers for a chosen charities

  • Cure Leukemia 
  • Air ambulance 
  • Solihull Moors in the community 

Volunteering work

  • We at Draintech offer our staff one full paid day a year to do volunteering work