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Pre-Planned Maintenance Services in Birmingham, Solihull and surrounding areas throughout The Midlands and Worcestershire

Most of the time the drainage system operating throughout your work premises is largely out of sight & out of mind. 

That is at least until the moment that something goes wrong. When things go wrong with drainage, it can often bring your drains very much to the fore.

If a drainage system has gone without inspection for some time, the point at which any damage or blockage in the system is identified can be long after the first instance of it occurring.

A pre-planned maintenance (PPM) strategy in place with Draintech Services (Midlands) Ltd, gives you peace of mind as well as the support when you need it most to ensure your internal and exterior drains and drainage systems continue to flow freely.

Avoid Drain and Drainage Problems with a Pre-Planned Maintenance Strategy

What typically starts as a small & easily fixed problem is left to grow into a more serious situation that can ultimately cause large amounts of damage to a commercial property.

At best, drainage problems are a nuisance. At worst, they can cause result in a business having to close due to the amount of damage & the extent of the repair work required.

Between the costs of closing your doors, even for just one day, the costs of repairing the drains, & the costs of replacing damaged office furniture, equipment & flooring, the price can be substantial.

PPM Services covering Birmingham, Solihull and beyond

A PPM agreement will ensure your drainage system is regularly cleaned & comprehensively inspected – including all the places you cannot see, like interceptors & grease traps – helping to protect against any drainage emergencies.
Our qualified engineers will work with the team at your workplace to establish what work needs completing regularly at your premises, how often it should be done & design a schedule that causes minimal disruption to your business.
Every business is unique & each has their own often complex drainage requirements, depending on the sector it’s within.
That’s why we completely tailor our PPM service to give you the exact support you need to ensure free-flowing internal & exterior drains.

Preventative Planned Maintenance Benefits

Keeping up with the maintenance of your drains will minimise emergency situations, as problems will be detected before they cause disruption, & costly repairs, key features of a PPM agreement include:

Professional PPM Services in across the Midlands and Worcestershire

Our team can arrange a pre-planned maintenance solution for your home or business premise to keep your drains and drainage system running efficiently & free flowing whether internal or external, old or new. All of our services are backed up by our industry leading 24 emergency service for your peace of mind.