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A Typical Pre-Planned Drain Maintenance Regime

As a business, the last thing you need is a problem with your drainage system. It’s generally agreed that preventative measures to keep drains in good working order are necessary to avoid disruption to services, temporary closure and more costly repairs. 

With this in mind, our article will discuss a typical pre-planned drain maintenance regime. Everything from hotels, restaurants and pubs to schools, hospitals and office developments can benefit from this expert service that gives you peace of mind your drains will not cause any unnecessary headaches.

What is involved in a typical pre-planned drain maintenance regime?

A pre-planned drain maintenance regime is akin to a drain MOT and will generally include the following:

A man repairing a drain near a brick wall


CCTV technology is utilised to non-invasively inspect your drain system without having to excavate the surrounding area. Small cameras are remotely operated to view deep inside the drain – flagging-up any potential issues before they become problematic. 

Cleaning and jetting

Your drains are susceptible to clogging if not regularly cleaned. Powerful jet washes can remove gunk, debris and other organic matter from your drainage system, preventing a serious blockage requiring more invasive treatment. 

Grease trap emptying

A grease trap, also known as a grease capsule, is a container-like device that retains grease or similar matter before it enters your drainage system. Whilst effective, it is important to regularly clean out the grease trap to prevent overflow.

Gutter clearing

Keeping your gutters clear will prevent excess material from entering your drainage system. Dead leaves, food and other organic matter can clog up your gutters and compromise the effectiveness of your drains. 

Emptying car park gullies

Gullies often run parallel to roads and car parks to help discharge any surface water that would otherwise pool and make the area waterlogged. However, to keep gullies working effectively, they should be routinely emptied. 

Disposal of waste

The safe and environmentally friendly disposal of waste is vital to protect your drainage system and extend its life. Make sure your business follows correct waste disposal methods and help employees with signage and other pointers so they know how to dispose of waste responsibly. 

Drain Maintenance Regime: Final thoughts

We hope our article has shed light on what a typical pre-planned drain maintenance regime will entail. Ideally, as a business, you ought to arrange a bi-annual check on your drainage system to keep any problems at bay. Remember – the team here at Draintech support an array of commercial customers with all their drainage needs. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team to find out more.