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Draintech Further Expand It’s Housing Association Portfolio With Clarion Housing

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Draintech the West Midlands Number One drainage company have recently been appointed by Clarion Housing to manage it’s South Staffordshire region.

Clarion Housing is the largest housing association in the UK, owning and managing 125,000 homes across over 170 local authorities.

Draintech currently have contracts in place with 12 local authorities which include Bromford Housing, Birmingham and Coventry City councils and look after in excess of 330,000 properties.

One of Draintech’s differentiating factors from it’s competitors is that it is not part of a franchise model and has a fleet of reactive engineers that can operate in multiple locations on a 24/7/365 basis.

As part of a multi-year contract, Draintech will provide Clarion Housing with a locally based team of directly employed, full-time management, supervisory and administrative staff to manage the specialist drainage repairs.

The location of Draintechs’ head office and the workforce who reside within South Staffordshire will enhance the contract by providing Clarion Housing with local knowledge, reduced travel times and increased response times.

Draintech also carries its own stock at its central stores in Redditch which negates supply chain issues and reliance on merchants. The location of Draintechs’ storage facilities and forward planning will ensure continuity of product / material supplies and constantly replenished van stocks to guarantee first-time fixes.

In addition to this, Draintechs’ supervisors and project management software will monitor all works carried out in real time to ensure van stocks are constantly replenished to facilitate first-time fixes. Operatives will be responsible for checking stocks daily, with weekly checks conducted by Supervisors and collected by our Compliance manager who will coordinate associated actions such as carrying out PAT testing.

All vans will be stocked with essential items to mirror Clarion properties and strategically stocked to ensure excessive loads are avoided which would have a negative impact on fuel efficiency.

The quality of repairs and works completed for Clarion Housing be supervised by a highly qualified and diligent contract management team and governed by an ISO accredited internal quality management system.

No matter the time or day, our call centre is OPEN and ready to tackle any blocked drain challenges you throw our way.  

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