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10 Things To Consider When Undertaking A CCTV Survey

When undertaking a drainage CCTV survey, there are several important considerations to ensure the process is effective and comprehensive. Below are our top 10 key things we consider on every CCTV survey we undertake.

Purpose of Survey
We define the purpose of the survey and determine if it’s for routine maintenance, identifying blockages, assessing structural integrity, or locating specific issues like leaks or cracks.

Scope of Survey
We determine the scope of the survey, including the length of the drainage system to be inspected, the diameter of pipes, and any specific areas of concern.

We ensure that the drainage system is adequately prepared for the survey. This may involve clearing any debris or blockages, as well as ensuring access points are easily reachable.

We have the appropriate CCTV equipment for each survey. This includes cameras capable of navigating through different pipe diameters, as well as lighting and recording devices.

Trained Operators
All of our operators conducting the survey are properly trained and experienced in handling CCTV equipment and interpreting the results.

Safety Measures
We implement safety measures for both our operators and the surrounding environment. This may include using proper protective gear, securing access points, and ensuring proper ventilation in confined spaces.

Recording and Documentation
We record all findings during the survey. This includes documenting the condition of the pipes, identifying any defects or abnormalities, and accurately mapping the drainage system.

Interpretation of Results
We interpret the results of the survey accurately. This may involve identifying areas of concern such as cracks, fractures, root intrusions, or blockages, and assessing their severity.

We prepare a comprehensive report summarising the findings of the survey. Include recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance based on the observed issues.

Follow-up Action: We develop a plan for any necessary follow-up actions based on the findings of the survey. This may involve scheduling repairs, implementing preventive maintenance measures, or conducting further investigations if needed.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that all drainage CCTV surveys conducted by Draintech are effective, providing valuable insights into the condition of the drainage system

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